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Join date: Apr 21, 2022


Hello new member. Suffering since of zop and then mirtaz 8 months now. Worst is pain eating anything. Still on 1 x clon at night. Bad issues waking. No change no better .73 and noone to help. Been in touch with Brist Tranq. Left the beating benzo FB as very very good help and info. Got too overwhelming. Should have just unfollowed didnt know that. Will ask to rejoin. Cant start taper of clon still sick and due an op here uk 3 months time. Cant cope right now abd daughter due a big dangerous liver op maybe 3 months time..lives alone. Is anyone else uk? Anyone my age 73?? Just thought I'd say hello. Been labelled with somatisation now FND all cos gps no clue all from drugs wds. Also 25 meds 40 years. No issues off when made me worse or bad reactions. But benz mirt zop for me are worse ever.thankyou


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